To address the entire life cycle of your telecommunications equipment – from installation to recycling – Telecycling has designed a comprehensive menu of services, under one roof, optimized to bring you the most value. For details, choose an option below. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, please contact us. If we don’t do it, we know someone who can!


Our knowledgeable, efficient, and thorough technicians can handle all of your installation needs to meet the most exacting standards.

  • Complete site turn-up and commissioning

  • Multiple OEM experience

  • Multiple technology experience

  • Microwave system expertise

  • Maintenance contracts / International expertise


Whether it’s one site or hundreds of sites, Telecycling has the experience and technical expertise for turn-key de-installation services.

  • Large project experience – 600 sites in 3 months

  • Certified in-house technicians

  • Multiple OEM experience

  • Multiple technology experience

  • Cable mining experience



We have access to and relationships with entities around the globe to ensure you get the most for your products. Since we know where the buyers are for your particular equipment, you can be sure you are getting the most competitive pricing. There are many plans to suit your individual needs – customized asset management, revenue sharing, cash purchase programs, and upgrades.


The Telecycling team provides you the right technology from the most trusted names – on-time, and on-budget. We guarantee our work from the minute it leaves our warehouse.


Telecycling maintains a 100% recycling policy – nothing ends up in a landfill. All equipment in one form or another will be reused. After materials are separated into their core state, they are recycled to companies that can re-use them to make new products at a later date.



The process begins here – our experts will assess your situation and determine the best solutions to provide you the most value, complying with local and international environmental standards. Then we will handle the collection and loading of your products – safely and efficiently.


Telecycling is unique in that we ship all materials from the country of origin. We maintain strategic relationships with global and local shippers who are fully compliant with local and international standards for pickup and logistics – including Basel Convention standards.

  • Global presence for quick e-waste management - strategically located depots

  • Freight equalization gives customers local rate drop-off regardless of location

  • Scheduled regional pick-up – free of charge

  • Site pick ups or de-installs at little or no up front cost to you

  • Managing to the ‘average’ square foot need – not immediate ‘spike’ reporting - saves warehousing space


Everything is separated into categories according to the best method(s) for recycling or re-use. Primary sorting facilities are in Hong Kong and Atlanta.


All customers are provided with detailed Certificates of Destruction for each load picked up.



We take ownership of the process, using the latest recycling technologies, removing and destroying company logos and stickers prior to recycling.


Since our beginning in 2003, Telecycling has recycled more than 32 million pounds of product.


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Telecycling is a proud IT recycling partner of ANETTEL
in the Balkans and Europe

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